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They HWC’s want to control the contractor sent out so they can put the contractor with the lowest avg. cost per invoice out first. I was told I replaced too much equipment!I suggest to other contractors not to get on this treadmill!They give the business to you, and they can take it away just as fast. Contractors’ end up treating the warranty company like the customer, I never agreed with that. When the warranty company dumps you as a business for the next cheap service guy, then all you have left is the bad reputation. AHS came with my home, and the evaporative cooler stopped working within 30 days of buying my home. Just like the many of people concerned to get them or not.

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Choice Home Warranty’s local technicians are experts at diagnosing problems with systems and appliances.


Call your state insurance department and ask them what the loss ratio is for warranty coverage in your state.


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